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About Aqua Radio

          The first day of broadcast was April 27, 2013, product of a youth hobby.
That began with a lot of energy and with the illusion of improving day by day.
Music is our passion and with this station, it is intended to fulfill this great dream,
share the best musical selection with all our listeners.

         Our Radio Formula has a very varied musical style (Pop, Rock, Dance, Disco, House, Eurodance, etc.),
but with a very firm base; that "were" and "are" musical Hits. Beginning in the 70's at the present time,
being more than 5000 issues issued. Many songs have been recovered that have fallen into oblivion,
and that they can hardly be heard on any commercial or online radio anymore.

         We have selected them, so that you can rediscover them, and enjoy them, those who have never heard them.
Those songs here, if they have a place, and I'm sure you'll like to hear them again,
so that music is your best accompaniment, in your day to day.

This is our radio, Your Radio!

We thank you for your support, and that there are more and more people who listen to us.

Greetings and enjoy AQUA RADIO ONLINE

© 2023 Aqua Radio Online
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